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Image of Saul and his cat Saffi
I am a Creative digital asset creator, collector, and web3 enthusiast!

Skillsets: Social media, graphic design: web and print, custom banners, motion, and gameplay videos, web design, content management, and discord. 

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Saul Wynne

My Roll20 Sets

Welcome, May your adventures be many!

All the virtual tabletop tokens, maps, and tiles are designed to help make the GM's life easier.


Latest character & mob artwork below!
All are subject to change, as they get further on in development.

Roll20 Temple pack

Temple pack (Special Edition) a map and tile set
Play Video

GRIPNR:  The Glimmering

Gripnr: The Glimmering!  A  true web3 on-chain TTRPG!
(table top roleplaying game)   Hover over the video for controls & sound

Official Glimmering Video

GRIPNR: A platform with an awesome community, that has on-chain characters  (NFTs,) that change as your character levels up, and so much more! 


At launch, GRIPNR will be releasing 10,000 limited edition NFT Characters of varying classes, race, backgrounds and more…all ready for on-chain gameplay.


All player character game outcomes will be logged on chain. As your character levels up and gains XP and loot you'll watch them morph over time.

This means even the most common of player character NFT's could become more rare via game play alone.This is just the beginning. Gripnr's larger vision is to become the standard protocol for blockchain based table top role playing games.

Flight Force 4

Below is a gameplay video of Flight Force 4  beta 1 - captured for a tournament
Beta Version 2 is free to download and try - right now!

FF4 is a space themed online multiplayer first-person shooter much like COD/Fortnite
Beta is free to download and try - right now!

Players will earn in-game tokens by leveling up in the game. Those in-game tokens can be used to upgrade your weapons etc. You will even be able to rent out your defenders and their items to other players, and tokens will be given to you per defender you own.

Uldor Dread Arena

Gameplay Video of the Uldor Dread Arena!

Hover over the video for controls & sound

Uldor will be an MMORPG set in a fantasy universe where players can explore a vast open world, embark upon epic quests to slay monsters, participate in large-scale PvP battles, and thrive in a truly player-driven economy.

Players have enhanced ownership of their assets with transparency, verifiable scarcity, and the ability to sell, trade, or send their assets

to other players as they see fit.   


The 'Uldor Dread Arena Beta is out, so you can get access via an email waitlist, just sign up on  ( The team regularly send out keys)

This is a quality phase demo It has a Soul-like combat style, with waves of undead and assassins. At the end of each round, you get to choose from random stats increases or weapons or elixirs for health.

The team has a well-conceived release scheduled of self-contained games, each building on the last. Plus the Uldor team led by @graslogamer and the community are awesome!

Contact Saul

Get in touch! 

The TikTok formatted video to the right was created with my artwork, to help promote the web3 game, and metaverse that is and will be Mech .com

Click music note for sound

Where you can mine and fight, own land, create your own mini-games, design and sell weapons and armor, and even rent out your mechs!

My Mech Art  


Video of the first 'Maze Run' event - in the Cyberealms Multiverse 

Hover over the video for controls & sound

Join in the fun with the Bambu Billionaires, Flight Force 4, Foxy,  Senshi  Jelly Invaders,  Zoms, and more!

Enjoy Events  & games, Multiplayer, text, voice chat, Digitial avatars, upgrades, marketplace, 

Digital art

The art above was, created via careful, Prompt engineering, with a lot of image manipulation, digital painting, and layer work. No "in the style of's" were used that referenced other artists or IPs.  I am looking forward to Adobe Firefly's official release,  so I can explore this field fully, knowing that the source data used only consented art! 

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