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Image of Saul and his cat Saffi
I am a Creative,  Digital Asset Creator, Collector, and web3 Enthusiast!

Skillsets: Graphic design: web, and print, custom banners, motion, and gameplay videos, web design, content management, discord & social comms.

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Latest digital art

My Roll20 Sets

Welcome, May your adventures be many!

All the virtual tabletop tokens, maps, and tiles are designed to help make the GM's life easier.

Roll20 Temple pack

Temple pack (Special Edition) a map and tile set
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Flight Force 4

Below is a gameplay video of Flight Force 4  beta 1 - captured for a tournament
Beta Version 2 is free to download and try - right now!

FF4 is a space themed online multiplayer first-person shooter much like COD/Fortnite
Beta is free to download and try - right now!

Players will earn dIgital items and in-game tokens by leveling up in the game.

You will even be able to rent out your digital assets:  your characters/items to other players for profit - 5000 tokens will be given to you per digital asset /character NFT held.

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